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Due to the handmade nature of both the product I handcraft and the beautiful Native American pieces I am able to bring into Australia - each piece is unique and full of character. All products are made from .925 sterling, fine silver with other precious metal accents like gold, copper, or brass and german silver - each listing will be details on materials used.

All of the stones in both Desert Drifter and Navajo made collections are handcrafted by USA lapidaries and may contain deposits of quartz, pyrite, calcite, or various other minerals. The stones used may also have an uneven shape, natural pits or texture, thus adding to their rare beauty - no gem will ever be the same. Because the stones and gems used in Desert Drifter and Navajo crafted pieces are natural they are delicate and should be treated as such. Avoid dropping your stones as they can fracture or crack. Desert Drifter accepts no liability for broken stones.